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Kevin Drumm/Jér√¥me Noetinger/Robert Piotrowicz , "Wrestling"

cover imageRecorded six years ago, but just released this year, this is a three way collaboration with some of the biggest names who inhabit that gray space between musique concret and harsh noise. The result is an all-too-brief work that covers the strengths of both scenes quite nicely.

Bocian Records

On "Wrestling," there are layers of squelchy static atop an uneasy thud that almost feels rhythmic, neither of which becomes too loud to overshadow the other.Between the sputtering analog synth cast-off noises and dynamic, abstract clattering, there is a sense of both electronic chaos and careful, but abstract structures.

"Rest" opens up the doors to noise a bit more, heralded by an opening, expansive blast of noise that feels like an Incapacitants bit that at least initially pulls away to leave legions of little analog birds to chirp away.These hyper synth burps are contrasted by what sounds like some big, dumb guitar blasts, ending up in a more raw, less controlled context.The latter portions are a bit more menacing, sounding like splashing water and plumbing pipes bursting in a dark, cavernous space.

Considering this is only a 7", it is all too brief in length.While occasionally it sounds like three distinct artists doing their own thing, those moments are mostly erased by the ones where it all comes together and clicks, like a really good free jazz record.