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Porn has found itself a new Pied Piper!
  No, really. This is a great disc. Kozo Ikena probablysat back in his room one day, thought how great low, cool dub wouldsound with a trumpet, and proceeded to devise a decent backdrop for hishorn-blowing skills. Most groups plying this sort of low-cool soundcan't count a trumpet player among their ranks. Shame. Ikena'sbrass-throated bell does wonders for the music. A fairly accuratedescription graces the CD's back cover ("swanky experimentalbreakbeats... downtempo gritty lounge vibes") - just so you'll knowexactly what you're getting into here. As porn-influenced dub musicgoes, "Planned Penetration" makes an excellent companion piece to the"Suck it and See" collection by Howie B.'s Pussyfoot stable in 1999. Ican also picture Kozo making the rounds through the Western lands,perhaps hooking up with that Twilight Circus Dub Soundsystem allong theway. Okay, maybe not. But it's a thought.