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OK, I admit it. Maybe Ihaven't been paying close enough attention to Reed's solo career, butI'm going to say this anyways ... this is the best thing he has done in25+ years. I know, a grandiose claim, but dammit I'm sticking to it!With "Ecstasy" Reed ushers in the 5th decade of his career in stylewith thirteen new electric songs ranging from mellow ballads to in yourface rockers as well as an 18 minute experimental opus(sum). Reedcontinues to lyrically explore life, (often wayward) love and theinhabitants of New York City's less savory streets as well as a fewother interesting subjects: pondering a change of scenery, slavery,etc. Musically this 4 piece has never sounded better and they'reembellished to great effect on several songs with horns and minimalorchestral arrangements. The title track is really beautiful with agentle hand percussion rhythm and cello swells. "Future Farmers ofAmerica" rocks, big time. "Rock Minuet" is just that, a minuet composedon guitar, violin and bass. "Like a Possum" is an 18 minute dirge ...two electric guitars copulate in slow motion as Reed delivers a spokenlyric that builds into a cathartic release. Very cool. These songs are100% Lou Reed: quirky, clever and colorful with a strange and sexuallycharged sense of melody. Every track is a winner and the album as awhole has a great flow and balance. It's hard to believe this guy is 58years old ... he's still got a lot to say and offer. The insertfeatures self-portrait photos of Reed in various stages of ecstasy andall of the lyrics. Reed is currently on a world tour throughout thesummer and look for re-mastered re-releases of several 70s albums thisyear courtesy of BMG/Buddah Records ...