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lovesliescrushing, "Glinter"


We are very proud to be releasing brand new lovesliescrushing material. Scott Cortez & Melissa Arpin-Duimstra deliver gorgeous washes of textured guitars & angelic ethereal vocals to create perfect dreamy summer drones. Everything was recorded in 2012.

Pt. I - Broken Aureate Echo

Pt. II - She Is Above The Clouds

Pt. III - A Bird Flew To The Sun

Stamped black bottom CDR, A7 silver envelopes, three 5"x7" prints & one vellum print. Each copy is handmade. Edition of 200.

If you don't know this band, do yourself a favor and read a bit about them - they've been around since the early 90s & they're one of TQA's biggest influences.

“Through their use of low tech means and focusing on the blending of guitar noise and electronic voice processing, lovesliescrushing can be seen as the early 'missing link' between the likes of Slowdive and that contain an element of sonic mystery and still sound timeless." - Richard Chartier LINE

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TQA025 - lovesliescrushing - Glinter CDR