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Delicately pakaged in abooklet of black construction paper, this release marks the first fulllength as Molasses - a collected "folk noir" group from Montreal whichincludes members of the Shalbi Effect and godspeed you black emperor!
The CD is also the first release through the Fancy label, with a littlebit of assistance from Alien8. It's a very desolate and lonely bluesytrain station acoustic record, a far cry from the grand noises of thegodspeeds. Montreal can be a cold place. While I do think this releaseis nice for a first effot, I feel the need to bitch about the longblank space gap at the end of the disc. I really hate long intentionalgaps at the end of CDs as by now, there's nothing "hidden" or specialabout it. On this disc, the last song ends at about the nine minutemark. At about 22 minutes after that, music comes back in with acompletely new track. Like the rest of the disc, it's a bit coarse andcountry influenced. It's truly not for all godspeed fans.