The third part of Nurse With Wound’s Echo Poeme Sequence was delayed heavily thanks to problems with pressing the 7" single. I can't say it was entirely worth the wait as both the audio content and quality of the pressing are not up to scratch.



The 7" format does not allow enough time for the piece to unfold. While the material here isn't more than a stone’s throw from the other parts of Echo Poeme it doesn’t have the time to build up to the hypnotic beauty I enjoyed with the previous releases. It only feels like the tracks (“Mona Twisted” and “Twisted Mona”) are getting going when the disc runs off. It also doesn’t help that it sounds thin and distorted when the female voice uses sibilant sounds. I was hoping for a good quality and heavy piece of vinyl but what arrived was a thin and almost bendy sliver of vinyl. For the money involved I would have thought a higher grade pressing would have been achieved, especially since so many copies of Sand Tangled Women were sent back to the factory for being inadequate.