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Opium Jukebox, "Music To Download Pornography By"

Opium Jukebox is MartinAtkins (Pigface, The Damage Manual, Invisible Records) and BobdogCatlin (ex-Evil Mothers, Pigface, Pseudo Buddha) and a dozen othermusician friends. This cd is a contemporary covers album: Nirvana"Smells Like Teen Spirit", NIN "Head Like a Hole", Gary Numan "Cars","Ball of Confusion", Jane's Addiction "Been Caught Stealing", EMF"Unbelievable", "Tainted Love", Devo "Whip It" and Dead or Alive "YouSpin Me Right Around".

I know what you're thinking ... horrid'industrial' or paint by numbers covers, right? No, fortunately. Thiscollective barely keeps the paint within the lines with their veryloose instrumental interpretations. Think exotic/erotic strings andrhythms and analog synth and beat programming (courtesy of Lee 'Bagman'Fraser - Sheep on Drugs, The Damage Manual) shrouded in Middle Easternmystical ambiance. These very familiar songs slide by in an almostunfamiliar haze ... melodies played by Bobdog on sitar are about theonly remaining identifiable element from the originals. A wide array ofpercussion and vibes keep the time and various flavors are added bydijeridu, horns, guitar, bass, violin, etc. About half the songs leapout of the speakers with more pronounced drums and electronics whilethe others maintain a more mellow groove. You've heard them a milliontimes before but you've never heard them quite like this. I'm not sureif this is a joke or what (funny title) but as a covers album it's agreat idea that's superbly executed and as an album in it's own it'seven better. I hope they do more covers or originals someday ... - Mark Weddle