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David Jackman, the manbehind Organum never refuses the opportunity to alienate any potentialfuture fans.Too many limited editions of 18 so that these things canbe reissued 10 years from now in collections limited under 1000copies,... Perhaps there's only very few David Jackman fans in theworld and he only presses enough for those people who actually likethis music. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the noise - I'm just addingmy bitter slant. Well, here's volume 2 - issued from Robot like volume1, the series intents are to catalogue Jackman's recordings for thefirst time digitally. No clues whether they're gonna take everything orjust various moments here and there. Included on this volume are threetracks stretching back around 1985 - 1989. "Valley of Worms" is thefull 20 minute b-side to the LP 'In Extremis' and includescollaboration with the New Blockaders. Its harsh and scratchy soundwould be a warm welcome for those fans of the early Nurse with Wound,except there's no campiness here. Jackman is a very very serious man.(So serious, the only printing is on the CD itself and the spine - therest is black.) "Horii" is a warm interplay with varying drones anddirges, warm low range vocal sounding scapes with a creepy scrapes,allegedly a collaboration with Andrew Chalk. More hums and dronesfinishes out the CD on "Ich Reiste Weit Und Verweilte Fur Einigezeit InTring," something recorded around 1989 which is included as it's muchin the vein of earlier works from Organum. The drones are horrorsoundtrack sounding, spine shivering yet almost pretty in a way. I dosincerely enjoy this disc, yet don't know why I'm bothering to reviewit. As I look to the web, nearly nobody has copies of this on hand anylonger. Oh well, there's better things to spend your money on.