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Pan•American, "East Coast Bugs"

The latest release from Labradford's Chicago resident, Mark Nelson takes the form of 12" vinyl from BSI Records of Portland, OR. This 12" (limited to 2000 copies) provides 24 minutes with 2 exclusive tracks mastered by BSI's mix maven Sound Secretion. Unlike his superb full length albums on Kranky, Pan•American singles (including the 10" on Kraak and 12" split on Fat-Cat) are truly solo efforts devoid of contributions from other players.Without a lead instrument (like a trumpet or voice on last year's '360 business/360 bypass') the sound resembles Chain Reaction-styled dub spaciousness, only more incredibly deep and emotionally fulfilling. "East Coast Bugs" churns like a locomotive through the backwoods ... a techno-dub bass throb is accompanied by another solid bass line, electronic twinkles and the slight murmur of an insect filled night. "Esso" is slower and more melodic, coupling subtle beatbox rhythm with massive low end. Both are simply gorgeous. If you don't plop down the $9 for this, there's something wrong with you ... - Mark Weddle (with Jon Whitney)