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While this is a collection of some excellent songs, I'm disappointed with the presentation and execution.
Yes yes I know I'm bitching, but when tenyears of an artist are collected, there should be something for thefans on here. This collection isn't much more than straight albumtracks in a random order with shortened versions in the interest ofsaving time. Beggars Banquet could have taken a better route andincluded some obscure tracks or b-sides along with arranging everythingnicely and neatly in chronological order, perhaps I'm being nitpicky.For those not in the know, Peter Murphy relinquished his cape and blackhair dye when he went solo, incorporated middle-eastern sounds,acoustic guitars, lush keyboards and rich arrangements to complimenthis deep, masterful voice and introspective lyrics. On this release aresome excellent songs collected from his five full-length solo albums,including all of his radio and MTV hits coupled with a few popularalbum tracks. The retrospective is recommendable for somebody who wantsa place to start with Peter Murphy or one compact collection of hitsrather than splurging for the albums. If you're a fan, hold out for thevideo compilation which should be out soon. I know I will.