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Richard Skelton, "Limnology"

LIMNOLOGY {BOOK + MUSIC CD} by Richard Skelton

Corbel Stone Press is excited to announce a major new work by Richard Skelton.

Limnology is a book about rivers, lakes and other inland waterways, comprising a sequence of word-lists, text rivers and myth-poems that explore the rich corpus of water words found in English, the dialect of Cumberland, Icelandic, Anglo-Saxon, Gaelic, Irish, Manx, Welsh and Proto-Celtic.

This 86-page, Royal 8vo book is printed on 135gsm uncoated paper throughout, and is perfect bound with a beautiful, 300gsm uncoated card cover.

Limnology is accompanied by a CD containing a new piece of river music - a single composition that has gradually accrued volume and pace over the past six years, swelling to nearly 30 minutes of vivid, and sometimes violent, intensity.

More information is available here.