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This three-track/35-minute CD creeps along somewhere between stylish jazz and electronic noise.
  Originally issued by Felina Y Magia, "EinaugigeKirshe" comes to wider attention via Rollerball's new label, Road Cone.Forgive my ignorance of the band's history, but this is quite acharming release. The packaging features a hand-cut (and hand-made)paper booklet bound together with string. While "Officer Down" and "1/2Horse, 1/2 Pig" sound like tracks born of intelligent improvisation,the 26+-minute "Stone Cold Rhythm Dog" barks out the influence ofThrobbing Gristle's "Hot on the Heels of Love" and "Hamburger Lady."Free jazz? Electro grunge? Either way, it's another intriguing releasefrom what is quickly becoming one of the more innovative and daringlabels on the map.