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This group gets betterand better and better with every album. While their last full lengther,"Seconds" was a decent release, it didn't strike me as being much morethan a good solid rock record with some nice tunes on it.
"WinterBirds," strangely enough released on the Koch International label isquite a progression. Here the band experiments more with electronics,fun production, spicing up their sound by leaps and bounds. Oddlyenough on certain tracks I sometimes feel like I'm listening to anEnglish singing Laub. The rhythms can be quite remarkable and thevoices are about as crisp and pretty as a snow covered sunlit day.There are still guitars on their music, fear not, but the all theinstruments working together this time around all have a fair amount ofequal billing. The interplay of electronics, horns and rhythms in atrack like "Sunsites" makes me wonder if they've been listening to theNotwist/Tied + Tickled Trio a lot lately... Either way, I've foundmyself pulling for the record a lot lately as well as pissed off that Imissed them live recently.