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This anti-drum n' bass, post-post-industrial product from Speedy J could be the loudest item on the noise scale this week.
  Sorry for the jargon-dropping, folks, but "AShocking Hobby" definitely borrows from both camps in making its LOUDagainst-the-grain statement. Speedy J's sonically challenging fourthalbum grabs and distorts the beats but keeps the sounds fresh andfurious in a manner not unlike early Panacea. No irregular collectionof dance tracks, "A Shocking Hobby" progresses like a true album--witha beginning, a middle, and a stunning end. Kudos to Rotterdam's JochemPaap for keeping the proceedings under the hour mark, too, as a majordownfall of similar records is that they tend to go on for too damnlong. "A Shocking Hobby" holds your attention as Paap vents his furiousaggression. This is one to blast while you're stuck in downtown trafficduring the morning commute.