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Sylvan Chauveau, "S."

There is a great deal of experimentation in these short tracks—though only an EP in length, and also available on 10" vinyl—that, unlike a lot of experimental electronic recordings, make it more of a relaxing listen rather than a protracted endurance test or an exercise requiring the full attention and focus of the listener.



The tracks are almost pared off in style, with the midpoint being the most different of the bunch.  Opening "Composition B" and ending track "A_" are built around digitally tweaked guitar tones, bass heavy rumbles that could almost be a nod to Earth, and clearer, more pure strums.  Although organic at the core, both tracks have a digital sheen to them in the form of glitchy stutters and fragmented bits of voice.

"P." and "N," on the other hand, are stripped down minimal piano affairs.  In the tradition of folks like John Cage, the tracks are more about the space between the sounds rather than the piano notes themselves:  the notes are allowed to reverberate through space and draw attention to the quiet moments.  The middle piece, "E/R," is digitally synthesized tones and glitches that slowly build, layer upon layer, until it is a thick mix of musical fragmented data that, in spite of its digital nature, has a warmth to it.

Clocking in at barely 20 minutes, S. is an interesting little bit of an EP that isn't the esoteric sort of experimentation that could be expected, but instead is a fascinating selection of tracks that have made me want to dig more into Chauveau's discography.