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Louisville native, TaraJane O'Neil, formerly of Rodan, Retsin and The Sonora Pine has recentlyreleased her own album on Quarterstick.
  This collection of songs is anintelligent and introspective exploration of songcraft from one ofindie rock's most talented female player/writers. Experimenting withmelodic guitar loops and progressions, this album could be what DavePajo's M project might sound like with vocals at parts. Tara played itsmart on this record and did as much as she felt comfortable with onthis album. She knew when to borrow friends' equipment and musicians!Tara's joined on various tracks by members of Ida and other former bandmates but plays nearly everything else. The vocals at times can be awee bit flat but I wouldn't want them any other way as the formulaworks nicely up against the precious melodies.