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Thighpaulsandra, "Some Head EP"

This features two brand new approximately 15 minute tracks. Listening to the CD is a treat for Coil fans as bits and pieces strike a nerve, remeniscent of last year's phenomenal Musick to Play in the Dark. Quick piano strikes from "Black Nurse" echo "Red Queen" while noises echo bits from "Red Birds."


Thighpaulsandra - Some Head

Stunningly beautiful choral samples on "Tudor Fruits" aren't far from the similar choral samples heard on "The Sea Priestess" from Astral Disaster. I wish I could figure out what the items listed in "Tudor Fruits" had in common during the spoken sections. Keep in mind, however, this is not a Coil record, despite the guest vocals from John Balance. While it is does move and meld, it lacks a certain continuity apparent on nearly all Coil releases. This should also be available through many of the recommended brainwashed stores so save your bidding money.