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Three Richard Skelton vault releases

Form Themselves Into Streams cover art

Form Themselves Into Streams

Fourth in the Archival Series of Richard Skelton’s work, Form Themselves Into Streams was originally conceived and recorded during 2007 and 2008, at the same time as his Marking Time album.

The album was revisited in late 2013, during which some new elements were added. Originally conceived as one long recording, there are now five distinct, yet connected, pieces.

1. Carr (06.32)

2. Burn (04.35)

3. The Black Water (07.18)

4. Burning (06.28)

5. The Black Dub (07.58)

Total Running Time : 33m 23s

Ridgelines (Volume One) cover art

Ridgelines (Volume One)

Recordings made for two hills: 'Black Combe' in Cumbria, UK, and 'Ceapaigh an Bhaile' (Anglicised as 'Cappanawalla') in County Clare, Ireland.

Ridgelines (Volume One) consolidates two previous releases, Black Combe (2011) and Ridgelines (2012). It adds three previously unreleased versions of "Cappanawalla."

1. Black Combe (26:11)

2. Cappanawalla (05:18)

3. Cappanawalla (05:49)

4. Cappanawalla (12:47)

5. Black Combe (15:40)

6. Cappanawalla (15:16)

Total Running Time : 1.3hrs

Dyad cover art


Originally released as a limited edition 'bonus disc' on the 9th of February, 2010, to accompany the reissue of Crow Autumn on Tompkins Square Records.

First released as Dyad (SRL19) as part of the *Skura boxed collection, on the 2nd of February, 2011.

1. A Broken Consort - Severance (05:20)

2. Saddleback - Gerroa Thursday (Richard Skelton Version) (06:14)

3. Heidika - Limn (Original Version) (03:10)

4. The Shape Leaves (Early Version) (06:53)

5. Heidika - Limn (Reworked) (03:15)

6. Machinefabriek & Richard Skelton - Daas (07:42)

Total Running Time : 32m 34s


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