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The Tied & Tickled Trio, "EA1 EA2"

The return of the Tied + Tickled Trio marks the second album as this side project from Germany's The Notwist.

Morr Music (DE) / Drag City (US)


Since their first release on Ui's Bingo out of NYC, the group have had some time to practice their hornblowing skills as well as acquire more zesty electronic gear. It's a beautiful record with some excellent sax playing with live drum and bass accompaniment or some bright improvisational pianos slammed right up against some pretty tasty electronic beats. The difference between The Notwist and the Tied + Tickled Trio appears to be the vocals missing out of this album, while on the last Notwist record from 1998, the jazz influence was apparent in a few songs. Perhaps they're trying to narrow down the sound for each of them,... Who knows? Either way I do enjoy the brand new release and have not stopped listening to it, out now on Drag City.