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Tomasz Krakowiak, "A/P"

cover imageConsidering that both sides of this brief single are sourced from recordings of cymbals, I couldn't help but feel a bit of parallel with early Organum, at least in concept. The actual music though is something entirely unique, and is two different takes on the same source.

Bocian Records

"A" shows its sonic roots the most clearly, with shimmering cymbals that are pulled into something far more expansive than they are, occasionally met with a deep bass roar never overshadows the otherwise ebullient metallic ringing.There’s such a sense of grandiose flourish to be heard that it almost sounds like a symphony of cymbals rattling together in dramatic fashion.

On the flip side, "P" begins much more pensive, with quiet and subtle sounds that are initially soft, but stretch into looped, oppressive tones that are more drone oriented and just overall convey a darker vibe in comparison.Compared to "A" there is a more notable sense of restraint at the introduction and closing moments, and a greater embrace of drone in the middle.

Both of the equal-length pieces on here sound completely different from each other, but they also demonstrate Krakowiak's careful attention to detail and compositions that strike a delicate balance between chaotic and structured.The sparse titles and artwork just add an extra layer of mystery that strengthens the entire package.