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Tricky, "Mission Accomplished"

Remember Tricky? Theformer music media darling amicably parted ways withPolygram/Island/Def Jam in 1999 and now calls Epitaph branch Anti homealongside Tom Waits and Merle Haggard. Mission accomplished? This UK EP(also due out February 6th in the States) gives us a little over 16minutes with 3 new songs and 1 previously unreleased old one.

The soundis similar to the live guitar/bass/drums band setup of the precedingalbums "Juxtapose" and "Angels With Dirty Faces". The title trackcenters around a heavy guitar riff and Peter Gabriel's "big time, I'mon my way I'm making it big time" lyric sung by Tricky and another malevocalist, ad nauseum. Halfway through the 3 minutes it becomes apparentthat this is all the track has to offer. "Crazy Claws" begins promisingwith a lively snare loop, sexy bass line, and Tricky's whispered poetryabout a certain female. Unfortunately, a few minutes in two otherrappers take over (the first possibly being Mad Dogg from "Juxtapose",judging by the heavy British accent) and ruin it. "Tricky Versus Lynx(Live)" must be 'live in the studio' and I'm unsure of Tricky'sinvolvement as the only one rapping is someone other than Tricky. It'sthe weakest of the 3 new songs. Why Tricky relies on these guys isbeyond me ... their vocals pale in comparison to Tricky's and theirbraggadocio rhymes are tired and unnecessary. "Divine Comedy" wasoriginally released as a white label 12" in 1998 as reaction to racistcomments made by a Polygram executive and later became the morepolished and superior "Money Greedy" on "Angels..". Altogether the EPis very disappointing with half-assed outtake quality ideas and onlysmall glimmers of Tricky's lyrical and musical potential. Hopefully thedebut album for Anti out this summer will reclaim some or all ofTricky's past glory ...