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Vinyl-on-Demand Hafler Trio Retrospective

VOD119: Hafler Trio A Cure for Kenophobia–An Empowerment in 4 Easy Stages at Very Reasonable Rates: Recordings 87-99 4Lp Set

This very special box-release with booklet and containing almost 4 hours of Hafler Trio archive recordings recorded between 1987 and 1999 gives a great opportunity to dig into the universe of music-mastermind, multi-talent and concept-art genius Andrew McKenzie and his electronic/drone/ambient/music concrete-like music-output as Hafler Trio.  None of the collected songs have ever officially been released on vinyl or CD up to this point.

In 2012, Frank of VOD went through a whole pallet of tapes, DATs & reels with Hafler Trio Archive-Recordings; some released, but many still  previously unreleased. Frank of VOD digitalized several of his favorites and Andrew chose the final recordings to be selected for this release and also made this very beautiful conceptual design for the box. This is the ultimate Hafler Trio experience for die-hard fans, as well as new open-minded listeners not aware of Andrew McKenzie's work.

The 4 LPs  contain the following audio:

Lp1: The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio Play The Hafler Trio By The Hafler Trio

Lp2: I Love Children But I Couldn’t Eat a Whole One

Lp3: Regicide, Fratricide & Feneration for Dummies

Lp4: The Generosity of the Body with Explicit Diagrams

More information here (due out in late November 2013).