The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden, "Live at VPRO Radio" CD

VPRO Radio is most internationally known for their Mort Aux Vaches series
and Brainwashed is honored to be blessed with the second release of the
year produced live at VPRO Radio by the generous Berry Kammer and Maurice
Woestenburg.  The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden became the working name
for Daniel Padden's extracurricular solo activities outside of Volcano the
Bear.  Two albums surfaced through Catsup Plate (US) and Textile (FR)
almost completely recorded by multitalented multiinstrumentalist
Daniel Padden, himself.   Following the two releases Padden assembled an
actual ensemble and has played numerous concerts and fests around Europe.

As a close and personal friend, Daniel Padden sent me the CD of the radio
session.  I was completely blown away at how incredible his band had
transformed his songs into something so complete and fully realized.  As
many of the songs are older, they won't be recorded for the next album.
I didn't want these recordings to go unheard or unnoticed.  Live at VPRO
Radio perfectly captures an amazing ensemble in the studio, and in a world
which praises a lot of "new folk," there's something to be said for
musicians who are incredibly talented and led by a fantastic composer and
arranger like Daniel Padden.

The music is stellar with the instrumentation of drums, vocals, guitar,
cello, viola, and bouzouki, challenging the dogmas of western songcraft
while never losing its step and falling down the beaten path of clumsy

Like the Windy & Carl CD, "Dedications to Flea," this one is letterpressed
in a limited edition of 500 copies by Interrobang (Isis, Converge, Hydra
Head) and the music is so fantastic that I anticipate it will sell out
just as quickly.

For the record, of all the releases from Brainwashed this year, none have
received any negative reviews!