The Skygreen Leopards, "The Jingling World of..."

Here's the warts n' all lo-fi CD-R demo era that in 2001 (!) laid the blueprint for Skygreen's ongoing non-career. Recorded fast & often improvised, these are sincere attempts by crude musicians in love with the TVP's, ESP-Disk, tambourines & Kenneth Patchen drawings.

Hope you can find something to enjoy in it.

The Skygreen Leopards Love You etc etc

tracks 1-20 are on the LP, 21-24 are digital bonus tracks


most everything by Donovan Quinn & Glenn Donaldson

Jennifer Modenessi sang on some songs too.

recorded 2001 in San Francisco on Tascam 388 on Radio Shack brand 1/4" reels.

mastered by Sean McCann

More information can be found here.