Two New Christoph Heemann Projects

Hollywood Dream Trip: Would You Like to Know More? (ST1036)

Hollywood Dream Trip, Would You Like to Know More?

It was a dark and starry night. Under Texas skies, Christoph Heemann and Will Long (Celer) met and exchanged the first loop that would form the bed for the swirling stream of Hollywood Dream Trip's first trip...

Fuchs / Heemann / van Luijk: Macchia Forest (ST1037)

Limpe Fuchs/Christoph Heemann/Timo van Luijk, Macchia Forest

An organic audio forest of analogue electronics, electro-acoustic sounds, sound-sculpture instruments plus singing and piano, even (outrageous!).

"they discover how landscape changes, the forest creatures, shapes and colours appear..."

More information can be found here.