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Information: Brainwashed is no longer accepting unsolicited packages

This means if you are not regularly covered by Brainwashed and we do not have an existing relationship and you were not asked to send material, do not mail a physical copy.

Physical copies that are received will be subject to: return/rejection; discarding; or selling.


We are a very tiny operation

Please be considerate of the time and effort it takes us to give to this site. Every single one of us is either working full-time, in school full-time, or both.

Please take the time to actually read

You should know what kinds of music we feature first of all. There is plenty of music which we receive which is clearly not anything we cover.

Look at our staff list

Some of our writers have begun to include their mailing address so you can send packages directly to them.

We love advertisers

Our ad rates are dirt cheap and we are flexible to just about any budget. Money is still required for hosting costs, business expenses, operating expenses, legal fees, and postage, postage, postage! (It adds up.) Please email us (brainwashed at brainwashed) to express your interest. It's great exposure and your banner and name will be out and about even if we haven't featured your music.

New (or new to us) labels

If you have not sent music to us before or have not been featured please send an email with the text comparable to a professional one-sheet NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT but in the body of the email text, provide links to free downloadable MP3s - DO NOT ATTACH THEM TO THE EMAIL. Your email will be circulated amongst writers and if someone is interested you will be provided with a mailing address to send promotional material to.


* send six boxes to the same address with six different names on them.

* send folders

* send demos or otherwise unfinished CD-Rs that aren't even being distributed or sold

* follow up promo submission with unsolicited emails

Get involved

If you want the world to know more about your releases, request an account and use the BUZZ BIN to paste your one-sheets, images, and links to MP3s or videos. If you are having problems posting, email us.



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