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Industrial Records is back! The label has been reactivated, and to commemorate the return TG have issued a new live album: The Thirty-Second Annual Report. The release is of the recent live recording in Paris, where the Second Annual Report was played in full.

Released as a single 180g LP featuring tracks from the show, with artwork mimicing that of the original Second Annual Report LP. It is limited to 777 copies and housed in an perspex display frame. With the LP is a CD of the entire show. The release comes with a price tag of £120, however.

Ordering info is here.

For those feeling the pinch of the all consuming "Credit Crunch" the whole recording is available to download for the more affordable price of £7.77 from iTunes here.

There is still no word on the Desertshore or live jams albums, but with IR back we are hopefully nearing closer to a release.

So at long last Throbbing Gristle's DVD boxed set, TGV, is available to order! The seven disc set costs £80 (~$160us) and can be ordered here.

Some information on the set:

The Collection includes: From 1979-81 shows at:
• Oundle School
• Recording Heathen Earth at the Industrial Records Studios, Martello St. London
• Sheffield University
• Rafters Club, Manchester
• The Lyceum, London
• Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco
• Derek Jarman's famous short film made as a tribute to TG: "Psychic Rally in Heaven" London
From 2004-05:
• A short film of the Cabinet Gallery Exhibition "TG24" by Andrew Wheatley
• Rare footage of TG rehearsing at Mute Studios in February 2004.
• The astounding 'free' 80 minute RE~TG performance at the Astoria Theatre 2004
• All Tomorrow's Parties perfomance at Camber Sands 2004
• Both perfomances from Turin, Italy 2005
• A full colour 60-page book with TG photos and texts from 1979 to 2005

Please note: This Collection is made available for purposes of historical record, rather than as conventional 'concert' footage. The shows from 1979-81 were shot on a single VHS hand-held camera, often in poor lighting conditions, reflecting TG's guerrilla approach to live presentation, technology and documentation. DVD format is NTSC - All Region.

A quick look at TG's discography on their official site shows the following releases pencilled in for 2008.

2008 - DESERTSHORE ALBUM : Industrial Records
2008 - Untitled 'Jams' Album (title TBC): Industrial Records / Mute

Two new albums? Fingers crossed!

Some time has passed since the last update so here we are with a bumper update covering the excitement of the last few months. So the ICA recording sessions have been and gone, and it transpires these were, curiously, for the recording of a tribute to Nico's 1970 album "Desertshore". There is currently no news on when this album is slated for completion and release, however the entire studio session is available in a "Desertshore INstallation" 12CDR set priced at, rather extremely, £100 (~$200us). This does however give us with audio editing software the ability to create the album ourselves, likely several years before the actual release date (I jest…).

The "Desertshore Installation" set as well as various versions of Part Two, badges, posters, T-shirts and other TG related goods is available directly from them here.

The TGV DVD set still isn't out, The expected release is now mid-December and, from what can be seen on Cosey's site, included in the 7 disc set will be:

OUNDLE SCHOOL Peterborough, England 16th March, 1980 (Live At Oundle School)
KEZAR PAVILION San Francisco, USA 29th May, 1981 (Mission of Dead Souls)
HEATHEN EARTH (live in the studio)
RAFTERS Manchester, England 4th December, 1980
Psychic Rally In Heaven (Derek Jarman short film featuring TG live footage and music)

TG were the main feature in July's issue of The Wire, with amongst other things an extensive interview and humorous cartoon. Two exclusive mp3 tracks (recent untitled live cuts) are available on their website here. While their recent Wire Tapper 17 compilation contains a live version of How Do You Deal from the Astoria live show.

A new extensive biography of TG and post TG spin-offs written by Eric Duboys in French has just been released, entitled "Industrial Music For Industrial People". Torturously the book is currently only in French, although there is a possibility of an English translation in the future, but for someone who is a master of the French language this tome seems to rival Wreckers Of Civilisation as the most exhaustive biography of TG's members. For those of us who can't read French, or indeed just can't read, the book is filled with images – many of which have never previously been published.

So the day of reckoning is finally upon us: the long anticipated release of Throbbing Gristle's first studio album in nearly three decades: "Part Two: The Endless Not". The album was released on April 2nd and reviews are starting to pop up like this generally positive response in The Guardian.

The album is initially available in several limited editions (no surprise there for Coil fans). There are four different limited CD versions - each limited to 1000 copies with a different type of "TG Totemic Gift" inside the spine: rubber, bone, copper or wood. Each of these was handmade in Thailand under Peter Christopherson's supervision. If you would like to obtain all four different versions Mute has a deal where you can get the bundle for £42 here. There is also a limited "Double heavy vinyl in spot gloss sleeve" release.

If you can't wait to hear the full album here are some teaser mp3 clips.

Vow of Silence [MP3]
Rabbit Snare [MP3]
Separated [MP3]
Almost A Kiss [MP3]
Greasy Spoon [MP3]
Lyre Liar [MP3]
Above The Below [MP3]
Endless Not [MP3]
Worm Waits It's Turn [MP3]
After The Fall [MP3]

For those who missed it, TG have also announced various live events for the coming months. Detailed information can be found on their official site, but here is a brief rundown:

Sunday 29th April - 60 min live set
Monday 30th April - Live soundtrack to Derek Jarman's "In The Shadow Of The Sun"

Saturday 26th May 2007 - Live Tribute to Derek Jarman

1st - 2nd - 3rd June 2007 - 6 hour long album recording sessions ala Heathen Earth

13th October 2007 - Live set

More European shows could be in the pipeline, as noted on the official site, and I will mention it here as they are announced. In the meantime: enjoy the new album (finally).

Sadly not a showing of some of Cosey's 70s "art films", but in Whitechapel, London there will be an advance screening of TG live at the Astoria, with shows following in New York and San Francisco. From the official TG site:

RE~TG at the Astoria Theatre, London 2004 Directed and edited by Phillip Richardson and Throbbing Gristle, this 80 minute film documents the band's first live performance for more than 25 years: at an invitation-only Sunday afternoon matinee in 2004 and in front of 1,500 souls... some, of whom had been waiting their entire life for the experience.

Friday 1st December, 9pm Screening.
Whitechapel Gallery, London. UK

Friday 1st December, 7pm Screening
(presented by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge).
PS1 MOMA, New York, USA.

Saturday 16th December, 6pm, 9pm & Midnight Screenings.
Recombinant Media Labs, San Francisco. USA.

Where possible the film will be presented in Dolby 5.1. Surround Sound.
If in doubt please check with venue concerned first.

This film forms part of TGV. A 7-disc Throbbing Gristle retrospective DVD box set from
Industrial Records/Mute Records which is due for release in 2007.

That's right, a 7 disc TG DVD set is set for release in 2007, and since it's now the fag-end of 2006 this could be with us very soon. Here's hoping they cram on more than one show per disc.

Wanting some new TG right now and can't wait until the new DVDs or April Fools for The Endless Not? Well Brainwashed have copies left of the limited to 500 3CD set that was pressed up for the Brainwashed festival which features amongst many other gems "Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People (Turin 2005)". This disc can be purchased here.

There is also going to be published another book on TG, also covering the paths each member took following the termination of TG. This book will initially be published in French - but an English version will follow. Expect more on this very soon.

It's been awhile since there's been any real new TG news, but I think it's about time for some gossip and rumours about upcoming TG releases.

The current release date for the fabled TG come-back album is now April 1st 2007 - April Fools Day... An amusing rouse perhaps? Some kind of joke..? Well we should hopefully get a nice little stop-gap release to keep us busy before April in the form of a TG DVD boxset. Mr Carter is reporting the set is near completion, but what exactly it will all contain is still a mystery. What could the set contain? A Mute employ has reportedly stated it will include all of TG's recent live performances as well as the classic video releases - including In The Shadow Of The Sun, with the option to play with either of TG's soundtracks. I can only speculate what will be in the box, but below is a list of all the TG video footage I know to exist:

Recent Live Shows:
ASTORIA London, UK 16th May, 2004
CAMBER SANDS Sussex, UK 3rd December, 2004
TRAFFIC FREE FESTIVAL (Set 1) Turin, Italy 29th June, 2005
TRAFFIC FREE FESTIVAL (Set 2) Turin, Italy 29th June, 2005
VOLKSBUEHNE Berlin, Germany 31st December, 2005
VOLKSBUEHNE Berlin, Germany 1st January, 2006

Official Live Video Releases:
OUNDLE SCHOOL Peterborough, England 16th March, 1980 (Live At Oundle School)
KEZAR PAVILION San Francisco, USA 29th May, 1981 (Mission of Dead Souls)
LYCEUM London, England 8th February, 1981 (Destiny)
HEATHEN EARTH (live in the studio)

Less Official Live Video Releases:
GUILDHALL Northampton, England 26th May, 1979
GOLDSMITHS COLLEGE London, England 13th March, 1980
SHEFFIELD UNIVERSITY Sheffield, England 10th June, 1980
KUNSTHOFSCHULE Frankfurt, W. Germany 10th November, 1980
RAFTERS Manchester, England 4th December, 1980
HEAVEN London, England 23rd December, 1980

Other Related Videos:
Psychic Rally In Heaven (Derek Jarman short film featuring TG live footage and music)
In The Shadow Of The Sun (Derek Jarman film with two TG soundtracks)
The Mask Of Sarnath (20 minute Horror film with soundtrack by TG)
After Cease To Exist (The Legendary Coum film)
Genesis TV interview post-Prostitution show

Well I think that's the lot in terms of what TG video footage is out there - if anyone can think of anything I've missed drop me a line. I'll hopefully put together a comprehensive videos section for the site in the near future.

A recently released 3CD+DVD set put out by Rhino Records entitled "Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box" (an audio history of "Goth Culture" with admittedly a pretty decent tracklist) contains TG's Hamburger Lady - a tracklist and more info can be found here.

Other rumoured releases? Gen's site at one point suggested a series of vinyl releases of old pre-TG Coum material, but there is seemingly no more news on that. I'm also hearing whispers of another TG related book... So either interesting times ahead, or a lot of aborted releases and a very ill advised April Fools Day joke. Keep smiling!

The current edition of UK journal Art Monthly features a letter from Genesis debunking some claims about Cosey's current exhibition at the Tate Britain and the gallery's supposed attempt to turn her into a living legend. You can read the letter here. This is further fuel to the flames of rumours suggesting animosity amongst the ranks. However, Genesis has assured us on his site that nothing has turned sour among the members of TG and some "uber events" are planned for 2007.

Some things to keep everyone busy until the new album eventually comes out: I've added official lyrics for The Old Man Smiled (track two on Heathen Earth) and upped over 100 mp3 samples of various TG releases, including both TG24 and TG+ as well as many of the rare cassette only releases. A spin-off from the Grief mailing list has also started up on Live Journal and dedicating an entry to each of TG's live shows, where people can add their own comments and post information related to the show - I suggest checking it out and contributing. Eventually information will be taken from the threads and combined with information from the legendary Axis Archives and other sources to build a highly extensive archive of TG's live performances on this site. Stay tuned.

Courtesy of Chris Carter we finally get some verification of the delay of the new Throbbing Gristle album:

"OK... the release of the new TG album 'Part Two - Endless Not' is still delayed. But it seems the reasons why are not as clear cut as I thought. It's a long, boring story which basically boils down to a certain amount of confusion and miscommunication between TG members, TG management and Mute. No 'one' person or organisation is to blame and we are now all working towards getting a definitive 'official release date' that will be kept to. Don't shoot the messenger... and you can stop bombarding TG and Mute with emails now."

You heard the man. Apparently the Berlin 'Uber Ticket' holders received their special 3"CD, but no news on the now fabled TG DVD releases.

Cosey currently has an exhibition as part of "Tate Triennial - New British Art", which is currently on at the Tate Britain in London. The exhibition of Cosey's work consists of some of the pieces which were originally displayed at the infamous "Prostitution" show at the ICA on the 18th October 1976. Testament to the impact the show had at the time, three decades on the British press are taking note of her earlier work.

-An article in the London Evening Standard (28.02.06)
-An article in The Evening News (The Scotsman) (01.03.06)
-A mention in The Londonist (03.03.06)
If you know of any other articles please send them in.

Cosey's micro site about the exhibition can be found here. The exhibition is free to the public and runs until the 14th of May 2006.

No solid news on the release of TG's new album 'Part Two', but CD Universe is listing the release date as September 5th. If this is any indication then we are in for a long wait.

What to do until the release? Well you could do worse than killing time on video site You Tube which has videos to stream of TG performing Discipline in San Francisco 81, from the Mission Of Dead Souls video, as well as Derek Jarman's TG Psychic Rally In Heaven. Also a virtual bounty of rare videos from TG's old friends and peers, try searching for: Psychic TV, The Normal, Silicon Teens, DAF, Fad Gadget, Liaisons Dangerous, SPK and anything else you can think of. Have fun!

A minor update to the official Throbbing Gristle site alludes to the new studio album title being extended to 'PART TWO - THE ENDLESS NOT'. The time we will have to wait for Mute/EMI to release the album has also been extended, it seems, with release now being advertised as "mid 2006".

This site is now being maintained and updated by Andrew Gowans. I have done some updates to the discography and live section and plan an overhaul of the site in the near future, expanding the site with more information and making it an even more comprehensive archive for Throbbing Gristle. Keep checking back for updates and please contact me if you have any comments, notice any errors, or have any information useful to the site.

I was recently in the London Borough Hackney and visited TG's old home/office at 50 Beck Road and the Death Factory at 10 Martello Street, pictures can be found here.

The previous news on this page can still be read here.

Cover Image Cover Image

The new Throbbing Gristle studio album will be available through mute on the 20th March 2006, titled 'Part Two'. Originally intended to be available at their New Years show in Berlin the album has been held back due to fear of illegal copying by Mute/EMI. Those who purchased the Uber Ticket will receive a special 3" CD featuring 2 live tracks ("What A Day" & "P.A. Destroyer" from the second set in TG's last show on 29th June 2005 in Turin, Italy).

There will be 4 limited editions of 1000 copies of the CD release each coming with a different 'totem' item, see the Uber Ticket set for an image of them.

PART TWO' Track Listing

Vow of Silence
Rabbit Snare
Almost A Kiss
Greasy Spoon
Lyre Liar
Above The Below
Endless Not
Worm Waits It's Turn
After The Fall

Total Playing time : 67:25

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