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Matt Kadane - guitar, vocals
Bubba Kadane - guitar, vocals
Tench Coxe - guitar
Kris Wheat - bass
Trini Martinez - drums

Jan 1992- first Bedhead show in Austin for a friend's art opening
May 1992- release of Bedside Table/Living Well 7-inch on Direct Hit Records
Dec 1993- release of The Rest Of The Day/I'm Not Here 7-inch on Direct Hit Records
Feb 1994- tour of Germany (with an invitation from a German band)
Apr 4, 1994- release of WhatFunLifeWas on Trance Syndicate Records
Summer 1994- failed attempt to record songs later to appear on Beheaded
Oct 25, 1994- release of 4songCDEP19:10 on Trance Syndicate Records
June 1995 - toured the West Coast and played various shows in the rest of the country
July 1995- recording session for The Dark Ages EP and Beheaded
Jan 1996- tour of US deep south
Feb 20, 1996- release of The Dark Ages 3-song EP (CD/10-inch)
June 18, 1996- release of Beheaded 11-song LP/CD
June/July 1996- 4-week US/Canada Tour
Mar/Apr 1997- 3-week Eastern US tour (last week of dates cancelled due to an illness in the band)
May 2-9, 1997- recording session for Transaction de Novo
Aug 1997- Shows in Austin and Dallas to preview the yet-to-be-released Transaction de Novo
Nov 4, 1997- release of one-sided 12-inch vinyl version of 4songCDEP19:10
Feb 10, 1998- release of Transaction de Novo 9-song LP/CD
Mar 9-22, 1998- Western US tour
Apr 10-May 2, 1998- Eastern US tour
May 9-20, 1998- European tour
Aug 3, 1998 - Band breaks up
Oct 20, 1998- release of "Lepidoptera"/"Leper" 10-inch
Summer 1999- Matt and Bubba Kadane form THE NEW YEAR on go on to release four full-length albums as of 2017
Apr 25, 2000- release of "Macha Loved Bedhead" CDEP
Nov 11, 2014- release of "BEDHEAD 1992-1998" Box Set
Apr 18, 2015- release of "Live In Chicago" LP/CD

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