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Albums and Singles

Dream Logik Part Two2008CD
The Painted River Of Regrets2008CDR
Melancholics Anonymous2007CD
Dream Logik Part One2007CD
Kissing Frogs Is Fine2006CD
Happy New Year2005CD
Fragments Of Illumina2005LP/CD
A Long Red Ladder To The Moon2005LPx2/CD
O Darkness! O Darkness!2005LP
Pieces Of ∞2004LP/CD
An Unlikely Event2003CDR
Lilith And The Rose200210"
Khalash Nykow China Doll2002MP3
O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay2002LP/CD
Needles 32001CDR
Lactamase 01200110"
Caste O' Graye Skreeëns2001CD
Angelus Obscuros2001CD
Absence Of Evidence2001LP
Public Disturbance2000LP/CD
Red Letters2000CD
A Birth Marked Conspiracy2000LP
Share The Day / Dream Stealer19997"
The Blue Room1998LPx2/CD
Down In The City Of Heartbreak And Needles volume 21998CD
The Man Who Never Was / Fuse19967"
The Textures Of Illumina199510"/CD
The Scriptures Of Illumina1995CD
DNA Le Draw D-Kee1995LP/CD
Down In The City Of Heartbreak And Needles1995CD
Chyekk/AaΔzhyd, China Doll1995CDx2
Inferno / Illusion199310"
The Char Char/extracts from "The Inferno"1992CS
Tanith And The Lion Tree1991CD/CS/LPx2
Lyvv China Doll1990CS/CD
Perhaps We'll Only See A Thin Blue Line...1989LP
Khataclimici China Doll1988LP/CD
Apples (Big!) China Doll1987CS
AaΔzhyd China Doll1987LP/CD
Chyekk, China Doll1985LP/CD
Eyes! China Doll1985LP/CD
Laugh China Doll1984LP/CD
Dance, China Doll198412"

Compilation Appearances

being worked on...

Guest Appearances

The Ghost of Each RoomCevin Key200115th Shade
The Ghost of Each RoomCevin Key2001A Certain Stuuckey
IncorporatedLydia Tomkiw1995[various]
Ja Soa SchmarrnVegetarian Bavarian in Exile1995Ja Soa Schmarrn
TravelogueDark Star1994Eject
TravelogueDark Star1994The Slice of Life
TravelogueDark Star1994Don't Look Till It's Gone
TravelogueDark Star1994Go Beyond...But
ArtworkArtwork1993Bring the Rain
SwoonBrunnen1993Scars on a Windowpane
Environmental StudiesDino Oon & Konrad Kraft1992[production]
The Garden of Perpetual DreamsBrunnen1991Alas, A Tiny Waltz
Fall from GraceDeath Angel1990[production]
(untitled)Anechoic Chamber1988[production]
Live! At Van Hall, AmsterdamScream1988[production]
Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin'Nurse With Wound/Current 931986Automating (Again)
The Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi CompanionNurse With Wound1985Great Balls of Fur
With a Little Help...Van Kaye + Ignit1983Lyin' In State

Other Endeavors

The Legendary Pink Dots
The Tear Garden

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