Z'EV injured, Gofundme page to help

Legendary percussionist and friend Z'EV was seriously injured on March 14th when an Amtrak train he was on derailed.  Due to his pre-existing health conditions, the additional trauma from the accident has left him in an intensive care unit and he has yet to regain consciousness.  With his family unavailable, a Gofundme page has been set up to help his close friend Barbara Barg to visit and watch over him while he is in the hospital, with the remainder of the donations going to help with his medical bills.

Donations can be made at https://www.gofundme.com/kqu6bed4.

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A Plea from Z'ev

Legendary composer and percussionist Z'ev has a Kickstarter project winding down that could use your help.  It is intended to develop a refined version of his cine-cussion system, which links visual art with physical performance (further explanation is available at the Kickstarter page).  Donations even at the lowest tier are rewarded with an individualized five minute piece for the donator using the completed system.  Any and all help is appreciated!

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Swans Are Undead

cover image After revealing to Brainwashed that he was thinking about Swans again, Michael Gira has confirmed that the band will be entering the studio to record a new album sometime soon. The new lineup (listed below) includes some familiar faces, including Norman Westberg, but does not appear to feature Jarboe, which will relieve a few people and probably disappoint others. Curiously, a few Angels of Light members are also in the group.
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Raglani Theft Relief Effort

Brainwashed is sad to report that the van of Kranky artist Raglani was broken into after the performance at this year's No Fun Fest. Both Joseph Raglani and Steve Hauschildt's gear was stolen—all of the gear they basically own and use. Authorities and used gear shops were notified but nothing has turned up this week. A donation fund has been set up at Kvist Records and we would also like to post the gear list in case anyone comes across a pile resembling this.
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Crouton Closes Up Shop

The Milwaukee based label Crouton announced this week that is will cease operations. A long time friend of Brainwashed, Crouton has released music from artists like Aranos, Hafler Trio, Z'EV, Irr.App.(Ext.), Robert Haigh, Asmus Tietches, and many other. We will miss you.
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New Spoonbender Album Completely Forking Free

The San Francisco-based experimental audiovisual group I Am Spoonbender has just released their new full-length album I Am Spoonbender Buy Hidden Persuaders, an album exploring the inner workings of subliminal programming, mind control, and media manipulation. 
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FMC to Offer Health Insurance Guidance

The Washington DC-based non-profit organization Future of Music Coalition has implemented a health insurance guidance program for musicians called the Health Insurance Navigation Tool (HINT). To assist the well-being of U.S. -based independent art and music curators, the HINT program will provide information at the FMC website (www.futureofmusic.org/hint) and will also offer free phone consultations with experts to discuss affordable health coverage options available to artists and musicians.
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Conspiracy International music now available online

The latest CTI newsletter announces that the entire Conspiracy International (CTI) back catalogue is now available as downloads from iTunes and eMusic.  When all is said and done, the collection will feature 25 years, 32 albums, 10 EPs and literally hundreds of tracks from Chris & Cosey, Cosey Fanni Tutti albums, Chris Carter albums, Conspiracy International albums.  Download-only tracks will also be featured later on in the year.  Also look for a Carter-Tutti performance to be announced for later in the year (in Europe somewhere in November) and if you're in London, you can catch Cosey's film Confessions Projected at the Tate Triennial Symposium.
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Adult Swim and Stones Throw announce album project

After the success of last fall's Danger Doom album, Adult Swim is planning another foray into hip-hop — this time partnered with independent label Stones Throw.
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Madlib/Sound Directions tour changed in wake of J. Dilla's death

Mere days after releasing the instrumental album "Donuts," veteran hip-hop producer J. Dilla (aka Jay Dee, nee James Yancey) died Friday, Feb. 10 after a lengthy illness. He was battling a blood disease as well as lupus and kidney trouble - the latter of which directly led to his passing - and recorded much of the album while bedridden.

Madlib, his label mate and partner in Jaylib, was scheduled to perform with his band Sound Directions Friday at the Mezzanine in San Francisco as part of a "Donuts" listening party. Sound Directions will no longer perform; the night is now billed as a "Tribute to J. Dilla." His life's work will be showcased in a "live hip-hop set" from Madlib, and "tribue DJ sets" from Stones Throw founder PB Wolf, J-Rocc and Egon.

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4AD announces Scott Walker album!

The legendary Scott Walker has finished his first complete album in over ten years, due for release on 4AD of all places, in May.  The Drift is the name of the album and 30 Century Man is the name of the documentary of Scott Walker, directed by Stephen Kijak, also scheduled for release in 2006. 
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This Heat offer box subscription

Coil fans should know the name Charles Hayward (he was the drummer on "Love's Secret Domain") but the seminal group he was in, This Heat, has a reissue box due in February which is now being taken subscriptions for by RER Megacorp.  The box will contain all their albums, remastered, with some bonus materials only for subscribers. 
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Apop Records to release entire Crisis discography

Apop Records is set to release Holocaust Hymns, the complete discography of the band Crisis (the first band for Douglas P.of Death in June and Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus). The release is to include a 12-page booklet featuring photos directly from Douglas P.'s archives. More information is currently available at Apop's website. Any questions about availability, shipping, and etc. can be found on there.
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Shameless Plug

Boston residents can tune into Brainwashed peeps Jon Whitney and Nick Feeley every Monday morning now from 7-10 [EDT] (Jon) and 10-12 (Nick) on 90.3 FM.  Remote residents can tune in online to WZBC by clicking here (it should open in your iTunes or WinAmp).  It's commercial free and it's live!  Request lines are now open! (Remember to add 5 hours if you're in the UK and subtract 3 hours if you're in California!)
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Your next chance for Jandek

Jandek's NYC show at Anthology Film Archives sold out so quickly that two more shows have been scheduled.  Jandek will perform on Wednesday, September 7th at ISSUE Project Room, a renovated solo on the Gowanus Canal in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  Tickets will once again be available at Other Music.  This is a cash-only service, first-come first-serve basis.  So do not call them.
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The Sea Priestess Takes to the Sky

It was announced this morning that Kate Bush will release Aerial, her first new album in 12 years on November 7th.  In an interview with The Wire, John Balance of Coil admits to believing Kate Bush was stealing his ideas, as he'd write something down only to have them appear months later on a Kate Bush album!
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Venetian Snares Stuffs C93 and NWW into the Meathole

Aaron Funk AKA Venetian Snares, creator of some of the scariest, most twisted hardcore, industrial-strength drill n' bass ever commited to wax, released his new album Meathole on Planet Mu this past week. 
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Utah Rave Busted by Heavily Armed Police

Organizers of a Drum n Bass party outside of Salt Lake City, Utah had their proceedings shut down violently by police and the Utah National Guard over the weekend.  Rather than ride up with a handful of cops to unplug the soundsystem (the logical way to kill any party,) the authorities swarmed the crowd with a helicopter, men in camoflage uniforms carrying machine guns, and police dogs.
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Sutcliffe Jugend release side-project, work on new material

Pioneering "power electronics" act Sutcliffe Jugend has announced Between Silences, a CD released under the members' birth names Paul Taylor and Kevin Tomkins. Available for sale via Unlabel, the album collects "25 improvisations made between 1998 and 2005."
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irr.app.(ext.) CD repressed

Dust Pincher Appliances sees the light of day once again.
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