In order to do a little spring cleaning Brainwashed Commerce has dropped the prices on a number of items in the shop. Please take advantage of the savings for the last couple weeks of spring and help clear out the tiny offices of Brainwashed Central. Those who purchase multiple things are most likely to get free gifts tossed in with their order as well!


Brainwaves 2008 3xCD - $15 (was $30)
This was the attempt to help break even with the cost of the Brainwaves Fest 2008 (like we did successfully in 2006) but alas the sales simply weren't there and we still have plenty leftover. This 3xCD set contains exclusive or rare material from every performer + tracks from friends & family who almost made it but didn't. (incl. Threshold Houseboys Choir, APTBS, Meat Beat Manifesto, Christoph Heemann & Andreas Martin, Stars of the Lid, and plenty more)

Peace (for mom) 2xCD - $15 (was $20)
Includes exclusives from Amanda Palmer, Little Annie, Aranos, Boduf Songs, as well as plenty of other amazing cuts.

All the Saints - Fire on Corridor X CD - $6.99 (was $12.99)
It's an awesome gem from an awesome band. However, Touch & Go lured this group's CD release out of us and now they're out of business. (It's fascinating how soon they forget how angry they were when Butthole Surfers, Urge Overkill, or !!! jumped ship from them.) At this point, we just need to clear out of the remaining stock!

Look for reduced prices of other things as well for a limited time and thanks for your support!