While there's no official news yet of a new Cyclobe release, Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown have some new activity posted on their Web site recently. Brown has contributed to the new Current 93 recording, Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain, and has supplied artwork for an AOS-themed Absinthe box while Thrower's new project, UnicaZürn, with David Knight, is completing their first release Temporal Blends.


from Cyclobe.com:



Recording, mastering and cover artwork have now been completed for the new album by David Knight and Stephen Thrower, working under the name UnicaZürn.

The album, called Temporal Bends, will be released on Phantomcode in June. It features exceptional cover artwork by Danielle Dax, who also contributes vocals to the project.

Temporal Bends will be available to buy from this website - look out for an expanded 'mail-order only' edition. More details to follow...





Ossian Brown can be heard on the new Current 93 album 'Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain' which is scheduled to be released on the 18th May by Coptic Cat. More information can be located at the Durtro website.






Ossian Brown is very pleased to announce that a remarkable and haunting pastel work from his collection of Austin Osman Spare art (Astral Body and Ghost, 1946) has been chosen to accompany a unique distillation of Absinthe prepared by Oliver Matter for the Swiss company Absinthe-Brevans. The edition, entitled Absinthe Brevans A.O. Spare, will be released on Ossian's birthday, the 3rd of April 2009.
Absinthe Brevans A.O. Spare is the second Absinthe in the Brevans series, and is dedicated to the English painter and visionary Austin Osman Spare, who died in 1956. The first batch was distilled on Spare's birthday (Dec. 30). The basis for the formula was taken from the 1897 book La fabrication des liqueurs by J. De Brevans. The formula has been slightly modified to gain a nicely balanced distillate. Oliver Matter uses locally sourced botanicals cultivated to eco-standards, or equally high-quality herbs such as Anise. No sugar or any other artificial substances are used. Matter uses herbs such as small wormwood, hyssop and others for colouring Absinthe. Absinthe-Brevans press release states: "The result is a pretty complex yet smooth, harmonic and mellow Absinthe. We’re sure Austin Osman Spare would have been proud of it and most likely enjoyed the Absinthe himself a lot. We would like to thank Ossian Brown for letting us use one of Spare's most important paintings Astral Body and Ghost for this Absinthe!"

Both Ossian and Stephen feel that the picture is the perfect image to accompany this unique distillation. Raise a glass to ZOS!