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Soleilmoon has just released the second and final installment in the BassCommunion vs. Muslimgauze series, simply titled 'Bass Communion vs.Muslimgauze EP.'
  This CD features two tracks, titled 'Six' and 'Seven'(you will remember that the five tracks on the other CD were called 'One'through 'Five'). The two tracks are each over 9 minutes long, and theysound as though they belonged on the first disc. In fact, were the twotracks placed on the first CD, there would still be about 9 minutes ofunrecorded space. I can't really tell what sets these songs apart fromthe first five. 'Six' begins with Muslimgauze-style vocal samples, thenturns into a very upbeat piece. 'Seven' is a little more ambient untilthe end, when it also features the upbeat sounds of 'Six.' The songs arevery good and worth the mere $7.99 Soleilmoon is asking for the disc;however, I can't see why the two CDs were released separately. The insidecover also features the story of the Bass Communion vs. Muslimgauze remixseries as told by Steven Wilson.