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beneath autumn sky, "enki-dus mono" ep

This debut Beneath Autumn Sky EP on Hefty is five tracks of phat beats, wondrous melodics, and fulfilling bass. While it's noted that B.A.S. have come from a lifestyle of B-boyin, squatting, and living outside the boundaries of normal society, they have created what seems to me like a beautifully crafted mixture of old school sounds and new-school technique. It "keeps it real" on every level I could think of, and while I listen, the world around me seems to shapeshft into a land of wild landscapes and infinite possibilities.


"Spy Headings," the first track, is rich with sweet beats that aren't just loops which get stale over the course of five minutes. A stuttery breakdown and a beautiful piano sample transforms the atmosphere of the song into something brand new and its off into the sunset from there. Similarly, the following tracks have an evolving quality, appropriately transforming over time, all of which make for excellent active listening. My favorite track, "Zealots Awaken," which is seemingly fantastic at first, opens with some sort of medieval, middle-eastern sound mixture backed by a key hip hop break. It's a dimension of eternal balance where it is early evening in the summertime and the horizon is a contrast of the setting sun and the starry, moonlit night to come. The track doesn't stay that way, though, morphing into a Bond-era spy soundtrack, ending before the last escape scene.
Every track on this EP is unique and refreshing. 'Enki-Dus Mono' is a like a mini-soundtrack to an alternative fantastic world that only an imaginative and brave few ever get a glimpse of.