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Not to be confused with the similarly moniquered oldprog group, Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer are certainly abit noisier, and probably don't stop at stickingknives in keyboards. Lord Pendro and Mr Oleum ofFflint Central have been afflicted by channeledrumblings from these disembodied ectoplasmic entitiesfor some time, and the only way they know how toexorcise the Satanic power of the drones and loopsthat take hold of their recording sessions when thistrio of restless spirits holds sway is to bung out aCD-R packed full of seventy minutes of what reallywent on there at the haunted red house from anotherdimension. Of course Lord Pendro has been known tobecome restless when imbibing vast quantites ofspirits of a different kind, but that is anotherstory.
The door to the frightening red and black world of BLDopens on a not particularly merry-go-round eight notechime whilst the nasty ones gurgle and gargle for abit. Next all hell breaks out with a bone shakingdrone monster on the loose in the form of 'Tones inRed', and bubbling rhythmic turmoil and rubblestrewing simple cement mixer loops keep revolving innightmarish ecstasy. In the haunted red house live thelikes of the bawling baby headed Foetor with hisabominable shuntings and the creepy big nosed NorbertH. Conduit who is damned for all time for trying toknock some sense into the Celestial Hives of Honshu...
Either that or these guys have been listening to waytoo much Non, Coil, Throbbing Gristle and Muslimgauzewhilst reading back issues of Fortean Times. Availablefrom: