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Bochum Welt, "Fashion" EP

Errr... hmmm. Italian electronic musician Bochum Welt's latest offeringis quite a departure from the usual Hymen fare. Although Hymen isbilled as the "technoid" subdivision of Ant-Zen (little differencebetween the two these days), "Fashion" fits right in with all the otherC64/Sidstation/Amiga "videogame" music that seems to be coming indroves out of Finland these days. Clocking in at somewhere around tenminutes (four two-and-a-half minute songs), this 3" CD offers little inthe way of content or length. If you're familiar with the new wave of"retro IDM" that's popular these days, you've heard this CD before; ifyou're not, it's basically light techno constructed from very simple"bleeps and bloops" - you know, Amiga, Gameboy, etcetera. The inclusionof atrocious "vocals" by the Italian-accented "Andy" only makeseverything worse, and removes any possible enjoyment that may have beenhad. I can't recommend this at all, honestly - it's short, boring, andthe whole "retro video/computer-game" thing has been done several timesbefore with much better results (8 Bit Rockers, Atom Heart, etc.)