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Bonnie Billy, "More Revery"

Will Oldham is an odd fellow, and a bit of an overrated one, if you ask me. He's the musical equivalent of Miramax: releases a bunch of product, hopes that one connects with an audience, but if it doesn't, so be it. At least Oldham has some artistic integrity, though, as he's displayed in the past. And you'd know it from "More Revery."

Temporary Residence

This EP of covers shows some interesting choices by Oldham, and an honest attempt to keep things like the original. These songs make Oldham sound like someone else entirely. The first song, "Someone's Sleeping," sounds like Roy Orbison singing a Van Morrison tune, where the second, "Sweeter Then Anything," still sounding too much like "All Along The Watchtower" to suit my taste, adds nice textures to accompany Oldham's already rich voice. And there are a few triumphant moments, as well, such as the guitar solo on "A Dream of the Sea." That's about all on this one, though. A few great moments, but it still didn' hit me all that hard. I've seen Bonnie Billy live, opening for Godspeed You Black Emperor!, and was interested in some of his influences, and where he comes up with some of the bizarre things that fuel his music. This release gives us an indication of some of that, and shows us that Oldham is great with other artists' music, as well. But it is rather unfulfilling. It holds your interest for a few bars, but then you feel like you want to trade back the magic beans for your cow. "I See A Darkness" from Bonnie Prince Billy was a musical tapestry and the kind of release every artist should strive for. If you're a fan, you'll probably want this "More Revery." If not, it won't change your opinion.