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Broadcast's long-awaiteddebut proper album on Warp will probably not disappoint fans of the1960s retro film score sound, made popular in recent years by artistslike Saint Etienne.
The Noise Made By People combines moody yetenchanting torch songs (such as "Long Was the Year" and the album’sfirst single "Echo’s Answer"), charming psychedelic pop melodies ("ComeOn Let’s Go" and the highlight of the album "Papercuts"), and plenty ofhaunting instrumental pieces ("Minus One" and "Tower of Our Turning").Broadcast have proven to be adept at blending "real" instruments withelectronics, which is refreshing to hear in this type of music. Withthis release they seem to exhibit far more diversity than in the past,adding a maturity which was a bit lacking from the tracks compiled onWork and Non-Work, and have developed and refined their signaturesound.