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Chicks On Speed, "CHIX-52"

Conveniently packaged on a small extended-play single are four tracks from the best all-girl group since Wham! Contained herein are three B-52s covers, "Give Me Back My Man," "Song for a Future Generation," (both on 'the Un-Releases') and "Strobelight." A fourth track, "The Chixmachine" is original and new.

Chicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed

  'Chix-52' is a tribute, from one of today's most enjoyable party bands for the cool hip-kids to a group who functioned in almost the same role nearly two decades ago. The new tracks are okay but they're needing the strength of the two songs previously released. Now that all the songs are available again through the re-releases this EP isn't quintessential. It makes for a great short set but honestly only the die-hard fans really need to concern themselves with it.