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Chicks On Speed, "Euro Trash Girl"

From the quiet opening "Damned for a bribe!" you know there's something fun coming up in this club remix of the Chicks hit. And when those beats do kick in, you know that this song is meant to be heard full-blast amongst flashy lights and jumpy speed-induced clubbers.

Chicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed

It makes you want to shake it, from the awesome throb to the loveable lyrics and cute piano ascending and descending throughout the piece. This 12" is limited to 2000, and is actually a reprise of an old 500-lmtd edition 7" from the COS label. The original is still here, but for the collectors or just dance-lovers, the B-side, "Angel in Black," is worth the price for all 4 minutes, 44 seconds. Remixed by Mause from Germany at Bill Preston Studios, this K-punk label single in conjunction with "the Re-releases of the Un-releases" is where it's at for fun and wacky new electronic tunes.