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Chicks On Speed, "Will Save Us All"

Imagine a world where The Yeastie Girls get kidnapped by Pan Sonic and flown to Germany to make a pop record!

Chicks On Speed

Chicks on Speed - Will Save Us All

These chicks are God awful at times but never anything less than fun. This debut full-lengther pulls some of their previously issued singles, "Glamor Girl" and "Mind Your Own Business" along with 11 other tasty delights. A new split 7" with V/Vm has just come out and another CD of other bits and pieces - "Unreleases" is next to impossible to find at this point. Get this when you see it as it's a fun ride of bored chick electronica with attitude, equipped with titty twisters and a cover of The Normal's "Warm Leatherette." Limited in the release, this CD is due to surface in about a week through the help of EFA distribution from Germany and Caroline in the USA.