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Perhaps inspired bySpringsteen's "Nebraska," "Bring On The Snakes" finds Crooked Fingers(Eric Bachmann of Archers Of Loaf fame, who recorded a track for SubPop's "Nebraska" tribute "Badlands") recording a largely scaled downaffair. Quite a contrast from last year's self-titled debut, thisrelease features Bachmann on acoustic guitar and vocals on all tracks,accompanied by various atmospheric sounds and noises. This may causesome to call the release bland, or comment that all of its songs "soundthe same." If the same was said of "Nebraska" upon its release 20 yearsago, few say it now. The songs are more mature while sparse, and thelyrics complement Bachmann's half-Springsteen/half-Tom Waits growl. Thealbum reaches its apex on "Doctors Of Deliverance," where a poundingHouse-like electronic beat drives the track as Bachmann sings of losthopes and dreams and cheated/defeated love. Crooked Fingers may havechanged from the last release, but the song remains somewhat the same.Thank goodness. Bachmann is proving to be one of the great bards of ourtime, deserving of your ear. Listen: you won't be disappointed.