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CTI, "EAR 1"

This disc is billed as the first in a series of Chris and Cosey pieces from the vaults 'reworked' into modern sounding pieces.
  If I was more fond (andfamiliar) with older Chris and Cosey material, I would be able toprovide a more insightful review perhaps of which songs had what doneto them. Only as a reference point, however, as I'm enjoying this CDalong with the other material to come from both Chris and Cosey overthe last few years far more that I have ever enjoyed their music in the80s and into the early 1990s. Not entirely unlike the oother dubprojects Chris Carter has been exploring, this CD has deep rhythms andgrooves, dark energy and a full and rich sound. Musically, it's not aschallenging perhaps as earlier works, but the feel is certainly there.My ears are aching now for more vibrations of further releases in thisseries.