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This is the 4th album byVienna based artist Curd Duca for electronic label Mille Plateaux, 3rdin the "Elevator" series of 'digitalanalog mood music' and my personalfirst. The 48 titled tracks range from 6 secondsto a little over 2 minutes for a grand total of under 40 minutes. Thealbum samples an interesting variety of sources such as easy listeningswing and jazz records (elevator music), atmospheres and found soundswhich he then proccesses and/or adds subtle electronic accompanimentsto. The more musically oriented samples are generally messed about withand given new environments while the less musically oriented samplesbecome music through Duca's ability to make them sound appealing andpiece them all together. It's not all that much unlike something V/VMwould do except that most of this is much more subtle and seems moreserious. Munich vocalist Carin Feldschmid also adds hauntinglybeautiful and sultry tones to 5 tracks. The result is similar to thatof an old film score and is surprisingly cohesive considering theamount of tracks and diversity of sounds. And that is where Duca'stalent really lies. He's able to maintain a level of interest and rangeof moods throughout with evocative sounds in short doses. Random playalso seems to be just as effective and lets me extend the total playingtime to however long I desire. "Elevator 3" is curiously relaxing andmysteriously entertaining, soothing 'background' music for more thanjust vertical journeys ...