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While this is probablyone of the better Download releases, nothing with the Download name hasmade any lasting impressions on me. The first album, 'Furnace' was arather lukewarm release and is by far my favorite. On 'Effector,' theproduction job is excellent, very clean and crisp. Unfortunately, whileCevin Key has strongly developed some excellent instrument sounds, themusic essentially lacks momentum. In the true sense of going nowhere,by the end of most songs, the melodies haven't varied one bit from thebeginning. I've almost completely given up hope until the 6th track,the disco-bass influenced "Chrysanthemum" breaks the theme ofpost-Autechre drivel. I'm thrown back, rather shocked that I'm actuallyturning the volume up, trying to get the most out of the experience,but close to the two-minute mark, I'm finding myself bored. Much likethe rest of the album the beats are fine, but where are you without agood motive? What's on TV tonight?