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Two brand spanking new reissues from My Pal God are the rereleases of Drums & Tuba.
 Imagine if the tubist and drummer from a high school band got togetherwith a teenage guitarist and decided to record whatever came to mind,and there you have Drums & Tuba. Somehow I get reminded of theKLF's "Fuck the Millennium" ending and three guys running behind themtrying to catch up. The tunes are fun and I'm sure this is a great bandto see live. Box Fetish collects the original 1999 record plus threenew tracks exclusive to this CD release. It starts out high schoolish,but towards the end, the songs become more adventurous with use oftrumpets and other percussives.
Volume 2 of the Water Damage Re-Issues is The Flying Ballerina,recorded in 1998. This disc seems to have more of a jazz influenceright off the bat while rocking out a little more. The formula'sbasically the same yet I find it more charming and variable. Thesediscs are ideal for those students who have to commute on busses ortrains. Certainly some great morning cup of moccaccino-blast heldwithin...