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All too often something will arrive in the post with next to no information, the CD will be home made and the music will sound horrible. Occasionally something shows up with nearly no information but it sounds great. EA are from Poland and the disc that arrived is indeed difficult to decipher titles or record label. Thankfully, a plop into the computer brings up the CDDB entry. Although the entries of the database can be completely wrong, I'm gonna trust it this time.Each track is noted as an improvisation - the music is quite free-form dark electronic, yet it's much more interesting than much of the electronic stuff oozing from German Macintosh powerbooks. Perhaps the reason being is that this trio consists of a guitarist/bassist/violinist, an electronician devoted to field recordings and sound samplings along with a laptop fucker (for f/x and noise generating purposes). Their approach to music is to capture the moment without multitracks, overdubs or synthesizers. The sound includes (but is not limited to) all-ecompassing deep droning pulses, thunderous earth moving rumbles, foreground sounds perfectly treated to identify them separate from the otherness, and spoken samples (in Polish perhaps?) Nothing on this disc is too flat and the movements evolve and change over time, whipping up charming frenzied aural gems and quelling down, returning to the heavy low roar. While they look for distribution outside of Europe, their music can be obtained allegedly at, although I'm still trying to figure out the interface, myself.