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Foreign Terrain is AndrewDiey of Manchester, UK. "LP 1" was originally a very limited cd-rrelease but now it is the readily available debut for SoleilmoonRecordings. Though indexed as 27 separate tracks, most lessthan a few minutes, the nearly 66 minutes total is a singleuninterrupted sonic journey. Diey's music is a smooth and mellowelectro-ambient collage that touches upon dub, techno and hip hop withlaid back beats interspersed every few tracks. Sounds found withininclude many natural environments, snatches of vocals, dialogue,rappers, laughter, rain and running water, footsteps, snoring and theambiance of a tennis match. The 12+ minute mini epic "ObliqueEccentricity" seems to sum it all up best and adds jazzy bass and keys.The influence of friend and fellow Manchester resident the late BrynJones (aka Muslimgauze) is apparent, but not to the point of beingderivative, through several of the track titles, a brief remix of "Handof Fatima" and some of the sounds. In fact, the insert notes "Dedicatedto Bryn Jones, Inspired by Muslimgauze". The overall vibe is indeedsimilar to Muslimgauze, especially the more ominous electronic moments,but Foreign Terrain is also playful and cheery at times. I get a strongsense of motion and travel from this music, almost as if Kraftwerk leftthe Autobahn, picked up Brian Eno and The Orb then headed for thedeserts of the Middle East and rain forests of South America for a fewweeks while listening to a Chain Reaction and hip hop mix tape. "LP 1"is easy on the ears and thoroughly relaxing, music for anytime andanywhere and music to take you away from anytime and anywhere. Thismight just make my top 10 of 2000 list. More releases by ForeignTerrain and another more mysterious Diey project, Black Faction, are tofollow. Stay tuned at ...