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From Sahko in Finland comes this excellent priced CD from that guy who simply goes by Fred.
 You might recognize his name from the Psychic TV days of the 80s orsome remix works he did in the 90s, but try and clear your mind forthis release. This time around, Fred's been working with samples andsources, pulling together tremendous soundscapes for release.'Telepathic Romance' consists of two tracks named Contemplation. Part 1totals just over 30 minutes and incorporates some uneasy low rumblingsblaneted over by comforting lush strings. A perfect soundtrack to athunderstorm on a Sunday afternoon. Part 2 runs just over 12 minutesand can easily be the stunningly beautiful clearing after the storm.Choral samples, low drones clash with heartbeat-esque pulses. Too badthese sound samples are only 60 seconds. Hunt for this one.