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Fumble is electronic artist Jens Massel (aka Senking, Kandis) and this is the debut as Fumble for Germany's Karaoke Kalk label.
  Fumble seems to be the more whimsical and playful side of Massel as most everything here is just so gosh darned cute from the cartoon like artwork to the handwritten track titles to the happy tunes. Half of the 8 tracks have me scratching my head as to the difference between Fumble and Senking since they're basically interchangeable with those on Senking's "Ping Thaw" cd. "Saft?" and "Fumble King" are by far the best of those four with their slowly building low end grooves. The other half, however, are different. They too are minimal electronic pieces with a digital dub influence but they're also more loose and fun with an expanded sound palette that includes watery pops, some mechanical samples and simple, almost child-like melodies. "Fumble Valley" is the most structurally accomplished while "Sleepy" is the one most likely to make you laugh or smile. Fumble is not exactly mind-blowing stuff but it is pleasant nonetheless. Though I can't help but think of how I could make just 1 really good disc compiling tracks from "Ping Thaw" and this album, especially when considering the $15+ import price tag for each. Hopefully Massel will do the same next time ...